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Special to the Visual Journal: JOHN & YE

I'm interrupting the normally scheduled program here to make room for a post about my brother John and my sister-in-law Ye (Ye's birthday is today! happy birthday Ye! ).
While backing up images today I came across the slideshows I made after traveling to Shanghai, China for John and Ye's wedding in 2010. Just as I started to wonder why
I save so many images, tucked away in hard drives that sleep on a shelf most of their lives - I watched these shows and was reminded once again why I am pulled to
photography - I just don't have enough capacity to remember everything that I want to - when I tell anyone about our China trip and the wedding I tell the same stories - I
remember the weather and the food and how lovely it was to meet Ye's family and what Shanghai looked like from our window - but tucked underneath all that there are
the things that only the photographs can jog, like the fact that I have never seen a happier face on my brother than when he first saw Ye on their wedding day and the
lovely overwhelming sensation of an entire community celebrating John and Ye's wedding. So, there are a lot of photos involved below (I'm not a great editor of my own
photos and when I made these the intention was to include as much as possible so that everybody that could not travel to China could see the entire wedding), but if you
feel like it please dive in! John and Ye are expecting a little one early next year and I am so very excited to fill up hard drives upon hard drives of their family adventures

John and Ye: Part 1, Day trip to Wenzhou

Music: The Flickering of the Candle Flame by Anna Guo

John and Ye: Part 2, Rehearsal

Music: New Opening by Anna Guo

John and Ye: Part 3, Chinese Wedding

Music: Moonlight on the Ching Yang River by The Chinese Cultural Theater Group

John and Ye: Part 4, Western Wedding

Music: Into the Mystic by Van Morrison

John and Ye: Part 5, Reception

Music: Better Together by Jack Johnson (John and Ye's first dance)

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